Learn How To Mix Like A Pro

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Learn From one of the best Mixing Professionals In The Industry how to make your mix sound AMAZING! 

 With over 8+ years working in and out of major and independent studios..... I know what it takes to make a mix sound Amazing!

This includes how to mix Song, Vocals , Instruments , as well as Beats,

Ive mixed for some of the smallest and biggest artists worldwide and I want you to be able to do the same.

My Mixing Credits Include 

Bankroll Fresh


Wave Chapelle

Mindless Behavoir

Sticky Fingas 

Nard & B (Producers)

and 1000s of indie artists.

To be honest its difficult but not as complicated as you think
its simple....
EQ the vocals right.
Compression if needed
and Getting the levels to sit perfect.
and few other things but
those are the basics. With this class im going to go DEEP into how and why I do what I do when I mix.
It would be as if you sitting right in the studio with me one on one.

This is for producers/engineers who have atleast some experience using a DAW. I will ask a few questions to see what you know so we dont waste each others time.
I want you to mix just as good if not BETTER than me!!!
Then you can go and charge whatever you want to mix other peoples music.
Your gaining a LIFETIME skill you can profit from.
I make about $200-$250 per song !
Every Producer/Engineer will have One on One sessions with me until you get it down packed!